Envoy Playground

an Apoxy project

(inspired by Wizard Zines)

What's this?

It's like Nginx Playground but for Envoy - you paste in an Envoy config, and then a server starts Envoy for you and runs any curl or http command you want against that Envoy Proxy server.

Does it really run Envoy?

Yes. Every time you hit "run", it'll start an instance of Envoy v1.27.

What services are running on the host?

There's a forked version of go-httpbin running on port 7777. It responds to every request by echoing back the method, headers, URL, and body as JSON.

How's the security?

Same as original project - world class ;-)

Your Envoy still runs in a separate network namespace that's disconnected from the host, so it's not able to make requests to the outside world.

Where's the server code?

We forked the original repo and now it's here.

Who made it?

The Apoxy team with heavy inspiration from Julia Evans.